New Scene Today on – Mercedes Carrera and Jasmine Summers

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New scene up today on the Megasite!!

Mistress Mercedes is a loan shark who specializes in loans for people who are truly desperate. Tiny little Jasmine comes to her for a loan and is shocked when Mercedes tells her to take off her clothes. Mercedes tells her “You are a loser. You are here because you can’t get a loan anywhere else. I’m going to OWN your pathetic ass”. She makes Jasmine get on her knees and lick her asshole and then grovel at her feet. GIRL GIRL FEMDOM FANS WILL LOVE THIS!! ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

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New clipstore with POV Cuckold Blowjob Clips!

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Hi everyone! A lot of people have asked me to film more cuckold scenes.. When I was Directing for Evil Angel it was easy to make a profit on those, but not so easy since then. After a year of very limited distribution, I started with Exquisite Pictures in January 2016 as my new Distributor. Sales have been tremendous with them so far, so we may be able to start doing some cuckold and femdom sex again soon.

But in the meantime, I have come up with a really hot way to do it: POV Cuckold Blowjobs. Check out my new store: The store has our usual Ass Worship, Facesitting, Foot Worship, but we are also adding some other fetishes I have always wanted to cover like Homewrecker, Giantess, and POV Cuckold Blowjobs. In every clip, The Mistress, whether she is sitting on a face or sucking a cock, she talks directly to you. No membership required.. you only pay for whatever clips you want to see. Lots of free previews.. Check it out!

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–Glenn King

New Julie Cash scene up today!

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New scene up today at !

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Julie Cash knows that men will do anything for her BIG HUGE ASS, especially MeanBitches members. So, she now goes to visit MeanBitches members who have their own companies, and TAKES THEM. She brings Jack a contract to sell her his company for $1. He tries to resist, but her Ass is so huge and wonderful and incredible.. he just wants to kiss it. He craves being her slave, and as soon as her BIG ASS is riding on his face, he knows he has to give her everything!! ASS WORSHIP, BIG ASS, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

New Scene Today on

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Camille Amore is a new Ebony Domme who loves Raceplay! She is very happy to make David her whiteboy bitch. She shoves her beautiful black ass in his face and orders him to lick it. He also gets the privelege of licking sweat from her perfect Ebony Toes. He’s in whiteboy heaven!! ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

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New scene up today on – Rachael Madori!

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Rachael makes her loser slave drive her and her friend all over town before she brings him in the dungeon. She’s young and hot and he’s old and pathetic. She knows he cant say no to her so she makes him her personal chauffeur. He even has to wear a chauffeur hat! Then its time for some Young Goddess Worship! – ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

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Karen forgot all about her pathetic wimp husband

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Karen forgot all about her husband as she sucked off a real man’s beautiful Big Black Cock. She remembered she told him to get on his knees like a good wimp and clean her dirty asshole, but after that it was all about getting what she wanted. After that, she told him to lay down on the bed like a human mattress so they could fuck on top of him. He wished he could please her but deep down he understood that he is inadequate…. Lots more Cuckold like this at !

New Scene today on MeanAmazonBitches – Sara Jay

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Snoop’s father passed away recently and he finds out that his Dad owed money to mob boss Sara Jay. She comes to collect, and informs him that she now owns him. She takes his money, his watch, and his clothes, and then tells him to show some proper respect by kissing her BIG PHAT ASS! ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

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New scene up today with Ana Foxxx!

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Ana comes to visit David and tells him that her little brother goes to school with David’s wimpy white grandson. She tells him it’s a shame that her brother and his friends beat up David’s grandson every day. If he wants to beatings to stop, it’s simple: he can give Ana everything he owns. And bow down to her and serve her! This is what happens to submissive whiteboys – they eventually end up serving stronger, more athletic black superiors! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, RACEPLAY, FACESITTING, and more!

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