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New MeanDungeon Scene – Victoria Voxxx!

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Victoria’s landlord comes to tell her that she is late on the rent for her Dungeon. She has very little tolerance for landlords and starts giving him commands. She hypnotizes him and convinces him that she has already paid rent for the year, but then decides to have some fun with him! She makes him tell her that he is a pig.. he crawls into her dungeon so he can be used as her slave! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, HANDJOB, AND MORE!


Special Xmas Cuckold & Facesitting on!

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Its Xmas eve and when Santa comes down the chimney he tells your wife that you won’t be getting any presents this year because Santa hates small dick losers. Your wife tells Santa she’s sad because you are unable to please her with your small cock, so Santa tells her that he has a special present for her: a nice big cock to fuck! Your wife sucks Santa’s cock and makes you get on your knees and watch. He bends her over and SANTA FUCKS YOUR WIFE, and she makes you write a letter to Santa thanking him!!! HOW HUMILIATING… CUCKOLDED BY SANTA CLAUS!


New Scene with Cassandra Cruz!

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Cassandra and Fluffy are applying for the same job. She’s an Alpha, and he is a submissive wimp, so she has no problem getting what she wants. After she ties a string around his cock and makes him tell the boss he doesnt want the job, she hires him as her worker bitch! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, HANDJOB, AND MORE!


New Clips on

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Lots of new edgy clips on !!


Suck My Toes, Stepdaddy – Jillian Janson

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Sexy brat Jillian is making a little video for her Social Media when her Stepdaddy walks in.. she tells him he should be in the video with her. He tries to tell her no but she talks him into it by giving him a mask to wear. He is shocked when she takes of her robe and is naked.. he tries to resist but she grabs his hands and pulls them all over her. She pulls his head into her crotch so he can inhale her pheremones and he loses all self-control.. she knows she has him where she wants him. She knows he has always wanted to touch his stepdaughter. She lies back and puts her feet millimeters from his nose, tantalizing him with the scent.. she demands “I want you to suck my toes”. He is powerless to resist her.. he starts licking her feet and you can tell how incredibly salty and wonderful they taste. She starts rubbing his cock with her feet and finds that he is rock hard.. she asks him “you want to please me” but its not really a question.. she looks into the camera and asks you “don’t you wish this was you?”. She orders you to smack your cock on the keyboard and you know you cant resist her beautiful perfect feet. She turns around so he can taste his stepdaughter’s asshole and then sits on his face while she gives him a footjob.. she looks into the camera at you and orders you to jerk your cock while she counts down! JILLIAN IS THE ULTIMATE TABOO BRAT!!
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