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New POV Cuckold Blowjob clip

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New POV Cuckold Blowjob clip on !

Luna Helps Pay Off Your Debt By Cuckolding You – Luna Star

Your HOT Latina girlfriend Luna tells you “Great News! Remember that guy who beat you up last week because you owe him money? I made a great deal with him! He says if I suck his cock, you get seven more days to pay! Isn’t that great?”. You try to tell her no but she tells you not to worry.. “It’s not cheating!” she says.. “you can even watch”. She pulls down his pants and starts sucking his cock. She tells you that you don’t want to get beat up again, so this is a great deal. She says it’s just going to be a quick BJ, but then she goes very slowly.. caressing and stroking his cock. You can see that she is really enjoying herself. She grins and looks you in the eye and tells you “His dick is so yummy…it’s way better than yours”. She laughs at what a loser you are, gambling away all your money. She ridicules your small cock and tells you that she never likes sucking your cock. She says “You should keep gambling.. I could suck this cock all day. I would do this for free, even if you didnt owe money”. She realizes that he is way more of a man than you and that she can never go back to you and your little cock. He is going to be her new boyfriend and you are going to be their cuckold boy. She said she wants to watch the next time he beats you up, so she hopes you don’t come up with the money. She finally makes him cum and sees you crying while you watch his cum drip down her face. She tells you to get out of here so she can fuck him now! WOW LUNA STAR IS HOT!!!

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New clipstore with POV Cuckold Blowjob Clips!

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Hi everyone! A lot of people have asked me to film more cuckold scenes.. When I was Directing for Evil Angel it was easy to make a profit on those, but not so easy since then. After a year of very limited distribution, I started with Exquisite Pictures in January 2016 as my new Distributor. Sales have been tremendous with them so far, so we may be able to start doing some cuckold and femdom sex again soon.

But in the meantime, I have come up with a really hot way to do it: POV Cuckold Blowjobs. Check out my new store: The store has our usual Ass Worship, Facesitting, Foot Worship, but we are also adding some other fetishes I have always wanted to cover like Homewrecker, Giantess, and POV Cuckold Blowjobs. In every clip, The Mistress, whether she is sitting on a face or sucking a cock, she talks directly to you. No membership required.. you only pay for whatever clips you want to see. Lots of free previews.. Check it out!

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–Glenn King