New Clips with Vanessa Cage – Foot Worship, Ass Worship , Cuckold!!

Vanessa’s landlord confronts her to find out why she has been driving around in his car. She laughs at him and tells him that its her car now. She demands that he gives her the key and he is too wimpy say no. She takes his belt and ties it around his neck so she can choke him with it. “You are a beta and I’m and Alpha”, she tells him and so she makes the rules. She pushes him him onto his knees and orders him to kiss her ass. She smirks as he obeys.. some people are just born to serve! She makes him spread her cheeks and kiss her asshole, and then sits on his face. In the end, she turns to you POV Style and orders you to jerk off. HOT FACESITTING, ASS LICKING, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE

Vanessa’s landlord finds out that she removed his things from his room and started to move in there. He confronts her, but she sneers condescendingly at him and tells him since she is an Alpha and he is a little wimp, she will be the new boss of his home. He will live in the basement and be her little bitch. He tries to deny it, but it’s just in his nature.. he is weak and was born to serve beautiful women. She commands him to follow her and get on his knees and then laughs when he obeys. He cant deny what he is… a beta bitch. He starts kissing her leather boots. She makes him remove her boots and tells him how sweaty her feet are.. she laughs at how easy it is to make him do her bidding… she tells him to start licking them and then laughs more at him. He is humiliated but he knows this is where he belongs… then she makes him smell the inside of her stinky, sweaty boots. She makes him tell her how amazing they smell. She makes him lick and clean her dirty sweaty feet. Then the camera switches to your POV and she orders you to jerk off to her stinky feet. She counts down as you obey her and cum for your new owner’s feet. WOW HOT CLIP… VANESSA CAGE AND HER FEET ARE ARROGANT AND IN CHARGE!!

Your girlfriend Vanessa tells you “Remember a few weeks ago when you went out of town and gave me a check to give to your landlord for rent? Well there was a problem with the check.” The problem was that she took the check and cashed it and used it for a shopping spree and partying with friends. But, she has good news! She made a deal with the landlord: she is going to suck his big cock, and he is going to give you one extra day in your apartment before he evicts you and you have no place to live. She told him that you have a tiny cock and they both agreed that someone with a cock like that should not be living in a nice place. So now she is going to suck his big cock while you watch. She tells you that your new name is cuckie, and then starts lovingly licking his cock. You want to stop her, but just like always , the shame of having a small cock is too overwhelming. You know its better this way… you watch while a real man puts his cock in her mouth. She takes his big cock deep in her mouth and then tells you that your cock is too small to even fit in her mouth. You can tell that she really likes his cock, and that makes her respect him more. Women respect men with big cocks. She shows you his cock and tells you how much bigger it is than your baby dick, and that she only stays with you for your money. Then she rubs her pussy against his cock and teases you.. she tells you she is going to fuck him in your bed. You can tell that she really gets off on humiliating you.. at one point she puts her sweaty armpit in your face and tells you to lick it while she sucks his cock! In the end, she makes him shoot a big thick load all over her tits… to make you suffer and feel even more worthless, she orders you to lick the cum off of her… Eeeeewww! THIS CLIP IS A MUST-HAVE FOR ALL SPH Small-dick losers… Vanessa Cage knows how to get in your head!!

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